Can An Engineer Write?

Sample poems



Are we all supposed to give up and sell the plant?

Shutter the factory and say “we can’t?”

Should we let China now rule the earth--

Take down Old Glory with all its worth?


Is America gone and too old to shine?

Should we walk on over and stand in line--

The line that is formed by the weak and the lost,

’Cause some think greatness has too high a cost?


Stand up and be counted, ye patriots proud!

Stop that mumbling and say it aloud!

America is here for the rich and the poor--

For all those who dream and yearn for more!


Pat Henry and Tom Jeff and Nathan Hale

Toiled and worked and did not fail

To proclaim from the rooftops for the world to hear:

Freedom is what we hold most dear!


So get off your duff and roll up your sleeve,

Detroit and Pittsburgh and the land of Cleve:

Work your magic of that “ethic” so vaunted,

Don’t ever let your spirit be daunted!


We will come back and capture the prize--

The Yankee man will again arise.

Just wait and see, o’ unbelieving world:

The Stars and Stripes will be soon unfurled!






The Great Equalizer


It’s generally been said, down through the ages

That life comes in several stages.

Sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s hot--

And sometimes it all just goes to pot.


The weather, you see, is the subject of this.

Sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it’s bliss.

But, agree with me here, if you can:

The weather, my friend, is most important to man.


But there’s a secret out there, unthought by most

That can give many a man reason to boast.

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall,

The weather, you know, affects us all.


It matters not if you’re rich or poor

The winter cold will blast your door.

So you’re from the other side of the tracks?

That doesn’t mean you can always relax.


The weather knows no stripe or class,

A wealthy woman or lowly lass.

The clouds will shower just as soon

On a new golf course or old saloon.


On one of those days, so lovely in May

Should someone ask, have this to say:

I have no bias towards those with money.

Today, for all, it’s bright and sunny!


So, buck up, old pal, and consider this:

Don’t let the weather make you hiss.

Just take it in stride and always remember

It’s the same for all, be it June or December!





Buck Creek State Park


Here I sit, just a little bit tired,

Hoping somehow to be inspired.

The seagulls above me whirl and twist;

As I, down here, complete this list.


A list of things this summer I’ll do,

When sun is much and clouds are few.

Oh, the ceaseless joys of those carefree days:

They will never cease to me amaze.



To ‘zona and ‘fornia we’ll happily fly,

Just to get out and see the sky.

Lions and tigers and bears we’ll see.

‘Cause we’re Americans, and we are free!



Thank you, George Wash and Paul Revere

For now we live without fear.

Because of you we live in a land 

Where Liberty and Peace are close at hand.